PA head Smith slashes salary – to $0.00

NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith told the roughly 100 current player representatives here in Florida that he will take a cut in pay – a big cut.

In a bit of one-upsmanship, Smith cut his salary to $0.00, even less than the $1 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL general counsel Jeff Pash are taking since the lockout began.

Smith confirmed the news, first reported by Albert Breer, in a meeting with reporters this afternoon.

“Our players are locked out; the league made a unilateral decision to punish the people that made this game great. They made a unilateral decision to punish the men and punish the families who support them. They elected me to be the executive director two years ago – I made the decision to stand with the men of the National Football League and there’s never a day that I’m going to apologize for that,” Smith explained.


According to reports, Smith’s salary is about $1.8 million. Goodell’s is $10 million, including bonuses, and Pash earns $5.5 million.

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