Report: Meriweather attorney met with investigators

Adam Swickle, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based attorney retained by Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather regarding the accusations two men made against him earlier this month, says Meriweather should no longer be considered a suspect.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Swickle met with investigators today to deliver witness statements that prove his client was not responsible for the early-morning shooting on Feb. 28.

“We have confirmed that Brandon was nothing but a peace-keeper,” Swickle said. “All of the witnesses confirmed that at no point did Brandon have a gun, or threaten to shoot, and did not shoot anyone.”


Swickle’s investigator interviewed at least one person who identified another man that had a gun and was threatening people with it just before the shooting. Swickle did not identify that man, but said he has a lengthy criminal history.

In this story from the Globe, a Meriweather relative said the gunman was Anton Massey; Massey is currently on probation for a felony committed last June.

The Orange County Sheriff’s department affirmed that the attorney had met with investigators, but said the department is not ready to make an arrest or charge anyone in the incident.

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