Bodden at Pats facility?

In case you haven’t heard – and if you haven’t, where have you been? – the NFL has locked our its players, and we’re now at day 21 of said lockout.

So it was interesting this morning when cornerback Leigh Bodden tweeted, “At the facility… Just saw all the coaches- didn’t talk to them cuz that’s illegal.”

Patriots beat reporters – including yours truly – re-tweeted the comment.

But a few minutes later, Bodden sent out another tweet, this one declaring that he was about to hop on a G6 jet and fly to Germany because he’d been signed by the Frankfurt Galaxy of the now-defunct NFL Europe.


A third followed, this one a declaration that former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue had sent Bodden a text and might be returning (a possible swipe at current commish Roger Goodell?).

And the April Fools joke was on all of us.

Speaking of Bodden, he was on Sirius NFL radio yesterday to talk about fiscal responsibility for himself and his fellow players, as well as a youth money-management seminar he was part of last night in his home state of Maryland.

Bodden has always been money-conscious, and remains so despite the four-year deal he signed with New England just over a year ago. But not all of his teammates do the same.

“You see it all the time,” Bodden said. “Having 53 guys on the roster, everybody’s not going to make the right decisions. Everybody knows what everybody makes pretty much and there’s guys making less than me living better than me and I’m like ‘wow, can he afford that?’ I’m sitting up here saving my money and living a kind of meager lifestyle to maintain for when after football is over or even the last two years [with] this lockout coming on.”

As for the shoulder injury that kept him off the field for the entire regular season, Bodden sounds ready to go when he truly can go to the Pats’ facility again.


“Rehab is great – my arm feels good. I was thinking to myself the other day, ‘man, I’m ready for some action. I’m ready to play’,” he said. “I haven’t played in a year so I’m eager to get out there and do some things, footwork, use this arm to jam some people up. But soon enough. The longer I have to heal, the better it is. I still rehab every day but it’s feeling great.”

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