Judge Nelson is on the clock

It could come any day now.

The NFL world holds its collective breath as now we’re in countdown mode for Judge Susan Richard Nelson’s ruling on the NFL Players Association’s request to have the owners’ lockout of the players blocked by the courts.

On the afternoon of April 6th, Nelson told both the NFL and the players that should would need a “couple of weeks” to make a ruling on preliminary injunction connected to Brady, Eller et al v. NFL et al.

Today’s a couple of weeks.

Nelson could rule by this weekend, and then fun would really begin.

Here are the options:

  • Nelson declines to grant the injunction. Lockout continues and the NFLPA appeals to the Eighth Circuit Court.
  • Nelson grants the injunction and stays the ruling (delays the implementation) until the appeal is heard before the three-judge panel at the Eighth Circuit;
  • Nelson grants the injunction, doesn’t stay the ruling, but the Eighth Circuit does stay it until the appeal is ruled on.
  • Nelson grants the injunction, nobody stays the ruling so the NFL has to resume business – including free agency – once the rules are agreed on pending the outcome of the appeal, which may not happen until June or July.

There is one other option: both sides agree to settle the case while in mediation before or immediately after Nelson’s ruling. That’s, however, unlikely.

UPDATE: The NFL Network reported mediation has adjourned….until May 16.


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