More rumblings of Patriots dealing

In his Monday Morning Quarterback, SI’s Peter King said a team has a deal in place for a trade at the bottom of the first round if a certain player is available to the team that wants to move up. It’s likely the Patriots (though there are other candidates to deal down there as well):

1. There’s a team in the draft that has a deal on the table — I’m guessing New England (surprise!) — with a team trying to come back into the first round. The deal will net the team dealing the first-rounder the following: a second-round pick in 2011 and a first-round pick in 2012. The deal, I hear, is contingent on the player the trade-up team wants still being there. Could it be Tennessee trading into the bottom of the first round, at 28, to get Jake Locker or Andy Dalton? Stay tuned.

Best guess is it’s the Titans. In my first mock draft I had the Patriots dealing the 28th pick to the Vikings so they could select Jake Locker.

I’m now think the Vikings will select Locker with their 12th pick. I think the Titans will trade with the Patriots and either take Andy Dalton or Colin Kaepernick


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