Another day and another draft trade for the Patriots?

The Patriots are up first today for the second round of the NFL Draft with the 33rd overall pick and Bill Belichick knows he has a pick other teams may be interested in. Moments ago, Belichick answered a few questions on ESPN. Here are some highlights from that interview.

On interest in the first pick today: “We’ve definitely heard from a few teams. There seems like there may be a bit of a quarterback derby going on at the top of the round, but we’ll see how it all plays out. It’s similar to what happens in the first round. You get a lot of calls prior to the draft but the action usually heats up, if there is any, when you’re on the clock.”


On history of New England-Philadelphia trades: “I know we’ve made a lot of trades with Philadelphia and Andy. We’ve already texted back and forth a couple of times. We have a couple of things cooking. We’ll see how it all works out. That door is always open to deal with Andy and the Eagles.”

On first-round pick OT Nate Solder: “Nate’s a very athletic big man, a three-sport guy in high school and played left tackle at Colorado. He started there as a tight end and kind of grew into the position. We feel he’s athletic and does a good job with the run-blocking. He’s a good finisher, smart guy who’s already graduated. If he continues to work hard and improve his techniques and takes the coaching that Coach Scarnecchia has given the offensive line through the years we’ve seen a lot of guys develop in this system that he can improve and be a solid player for us. That’s what our expectations are and hopefully it turns out that way. But we have a long way to go with him or any other rookie on this team.

On players returning to stadium today: “It was refreshing. We hadn’t seen them in a while. It was good to see their smiling faces back in the building. It was good and seemed more like the offseason and not as desolate around here as it’s been in the last few weeks. It was good to have them back.”

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