Add Bills to the pay cut list

In this week’s NFL Sunday Notes, we addressed two of the lesser-known victims of the lockout, assistant coaches and agents.

Wanted to add the Buffalo Bills to list of teams that have required their coaches and personnel staff to take pay cuts. And unlike other teams (Ravens and Packers), the Bills will not be refunding that money once the lockout is over.

UPDATE: The Bills say they have not made a decision, one way or the other, on refunding pay cuts.

However, according to a source, it is written into Bills contracts that the money won’t be refunded. But owner Ralph Wilson could always decide to provide refunds when the time comes.


The only public statement the Bills have made on the subject came from CEO Russ Brandon:

“We have made prudent preparations for the possibility of a work stoppage. We have, for some time, been very upfront and transparent with our staff so that they too could make informed and educated preparations. We have built a program that focuses on shared sacrifice. Every employee in the organization will be affected. As you move up the organization chart the sacrifice increases in absolute and percentage terms, as it should. We plan no layoffs as a result of the situation at this time. Our hope is that our advanced planning will allow us to avoid them in the future as well.”

Elsewhere in the AFC East, the Jets and Dolphins (June 1) have also put pay reductions into place. The Jets will refund that money. The Dolphins will not.

The Patriots have not instituted any pay cuts although they have the right to do so.

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