Kennan: Packers coaches not docked pay

INDIANAPOLIS – NFL Coaches Association director Larry Kennan said today that he apologized to the Green Bay Packers for incorrectly stating that the team had put in paycuts for its football staff.

In a story that ran in Sunday’s Globe, Kennan twice said the Packers were among those teams that had already docked the pay of its assistant coaches.

Asked directly if the Baltimore Ravens and Packers had already taken paycuts, Kennan said last week, “Yes, and I believe it’s 20 percent, maybe 25 percent. And that was a little surprising to me that they did that because those two teams are so good to their coaches and employees. Those are two of the model organizations in the game. They’ll recoup the money, absolutely.”


“That information I provided was incorrect,” Kennan said today. “I called them and apologized, and want to get the record set straight. The Packers have not withheld any pay and have no plans to do so.”

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