Rex Ryan thinks you didn’t treat him nice

In today’s Sunday NFL Notes, I took a look at a passage in the new book by Jets coach Rex Ryan in which he described how he requested that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell help Ryan forge a relationship with newly acquired receiver Santonio Holmes last season. I take issue with that. The commissioner shouldn’t be helping coaches do their job.

The more important stuff to Patriots fans in the Ryan book is what he said about the team. That’s detailed in the second part of notes.

The headliners?

Rex Ryan said the Patriots lacked a vertical threat after they traded Moss and Ryan set out to expose that. He did.

“We were going to play mostly coverage,’’ Ryan wrote. “We were going to mix in a few more blitzes, but it was really going to be a lot of loaded zones. We were going to make Tom Brady work his ass off. We were going to make him have to be perfect. And we were going to make him make mistakes.

“Without Randy Moss, the Patriots didn’t have the same vertical threat to their offense, and we planned to show them how much that hurt their offense by constantly challenging the short stuff.’’

Ryan also didn’t think Patriots fans were very nice after the 45-3 game (although he probably chuckled at the response):

“They ran up the score and they talked trash to us,’’ Ryan said. “Their fans were complete [expletives] to us. They let us have it. I’ve never had my butt kicked like that in my life.’’


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