Welker at Royal Ascot

Here’s another postcard from “How I Spent the Lockout”:

Appears that Wes Welker is across the pond, as they say, this week, for Royal Ascot, England’s famed series of horse races. Why is Welker there, you ask? He’s part owner of a horse.

A reporter from The Guardian caught up with the Pats’ receiver on Wednesday. After a rather humorous – but not repeatable here – exchange, Welker talked about his horse, Gypsy Robin, and the Royal Ascot experience.

“I’m very nervous right now,” he said. “We had an opportunity to come here to Royal Ascot and I thought, I can’t miss this.”

Welker has no family connection with horse racing but has had a longstanding appreciation for the sport which he is now in a position to indulge. “I enjoy it deeply. I’ve always kind of enjoyed it, the competition of it all.

“I got in touch with some friends that have friends in the business. Now I’m a minority owner that’s having a fun time with it.

“I’m here until Sunday and then I get back home to start training again.”

Gypsy Robin ran in the Queen Mary Stakes; the blog entry states that the horse starts strong but faded.


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