NFL meetings wrap up in Hull, parties remain optimistic

HULL — The secret meetings have wrapped up here at Nantasket Beach Resort and both sides continue to promote that progress is being made in coming to an agreement.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith joined to hold a mini press conference outside the hotel moments ago. They were among the key members who were part of the meetings that began yesterday. Patriots owner Robert Kraft was part of the discussions but declined to comment as he was leaving today.

When asked about the discussions being held in Boston, Kraft said, “Everything’s good in Beantown.”


Here is a transcript of the statements from Goodell and Smith:

Goodell: “Guys you obviously know we’re under court order of what we can discuss. But obviously we’re all working hard. The players and owners were here the last two days. … It’s complicated, it’s complex and we’re working hard. We understand the fans’ frustration, but both of us are continuing to work hard at it.”

Smith: “Someone asked me if I was optimistic. I think we’re both optimistic when we have the right people in the room. We know we’re talking about the right issues and we’re working hard to get it done. It is extremely complicated. It requires a lot of hard work by a lot of people but we’re going to keep working at it.

“Just to wrap up, we’re working hard. We understand the fans frustration. I know our players frustration. We’re going to keep working hard.”

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