Brady, Brees & Manning: ‘It is time’ for a deal

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined two of his fellow named plaintiffs in the Brady v. NFL antitrust case in putting pressure on league owners to make a deal by releasing a statement to the Associated Press via the NFL Players Association.

The statement from Brady, Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning:

“We believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done.

This is the time of year we as players turn our attention to the game on the field. We hope the owners feel the same way.”

The league’s statement:

“We share the view that now is the time to reach an agreement so we can all get back to football and a full 2011 season. We are working hard with the players’ negotiating team every day to complete an agreement as soon as possible.”


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