Reports: Jackson, Mankins still want settlement

Patriots guard Logan Mankins and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson were still looking to be be compensated for their part as plaintiffs in the Brady v. NFL case tonight, according to two reports.

Mike Freeman of reported Jackson and Mankins had dropped their request for unrestricted free agency but were still seeking $10 million to settle.

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated reported that in addition to the $320 million in lost benefits money the players lost in the uncapped year, Mankins and Jackson were still “a potential stumbling block.”

Neither could be reached for comment, but Jackson tweeted Tuesday night that he has made “no demands” and wants to be on the field like every other player.

A source familiar with the situation disputed that and said Jackson’s camp indeed is seeking to have his situation addressed. Like with so many things associated with these settlement talks, it has been hard to find the fires amid the smoke.

It’s unclear whether this could halt a potential labor deal. It’s likely that after a backlash, the people communicating on behalf of Jackson and Mankins will quickly drop their demands, just as those representing Peyton Manning and Drew Brees did on Tuesday.

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