Players return to Gillette Stadium

FOXBOROUGH — Players are gathering here at Gillette Stadium for the first official day the facilities around the NFL opened after the lockout.

While Gillette Stadium could officially open its doors at 10 a.m., there were about 15 players already in the building by that time. However, teams were apparently told they did not have to continue locking players out if they arrived before 10 a.m., so the team did not break any rule by having players inside the facility before the “official” opening time.

We’ve learned that Tom Brady is here and others have continued to arrive for physicals.


As for who was spotted walking into or out of the building: the headline names were Robert Kraft, who arrived in a pink button-down shirt and jeans, and Patrick Chung; Brian Hoyer, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Dane Fletcher, Taylor Price, Darnell Jenkins, Thad Turner, Rich Ohrnberger, Josh Barrett and Ryan Wendell.

Patrick Chung talked with reporters moments ago and said he is happy to be back.

“Everybody was happy,” said Chung of the atmosphere. “I feel like I haven’t seen my brothers in a while. It’s hard not to be able communicate with the guys you’re playing with and the guys who are taking care of your body and the guys that are teaching you the playbook. It’s hard not to have that communication. Now it’s back, it’s like we never missed a beat.”

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