Belichick: Coaches regroup during players’ off day

Bill Belichick said before his team’s midday practice a short while ago that yesterday’s day off for players from the practice field was good for the coaching staff and gave them a chance to regroup, evaluate what they had seen in camp sessions to that point, and set a plan for camp going forward.

Belichick was asked about Albert Haynesworth’s progress thus far and said the D-lineman is “doing fine. He has a long way to go … but we’ll take it day by day.” He declined to discuss Haynesworth’s past transgressions but said when the team brings any player into the mix, there has to be comfort in doing so.


The coach would not discuss Matt Light’s contract, as the team has not announced it yet.

He gave brief comments on Randy Moss’s retirement, calling the receiver one of the great players he had the opportunity to coach, He also called Kevin Faulk an “inspiration to us all” for the way he carries himself as a professional and puts the good of the team above his own goals.

And he also confirmed that he, unlike his Jets counterpart Rex Ryan, is tattoo-free. Ryan debuted a new tribal-style tattoo on his leg yesterday and will explain its meaning in a Facebook (or, as Belichick calls it, Yearbook) video soon.

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