Rookie compensation so far

A lot of the official rookie contract numbers are in. The ones we have, everyone except Shane Vereen, are below.

The boxes in yellow are guaranteed. The ones in green are basically half guaranteed.

The first two numbers listed for Ryan Mallett actually aren’t the official numbers. Those made Mallett the only Patriots draft pick over his allocation. But we think there was an accounting error, and we changed his numbers to the allocation. We believe those to be correct.

A couple of notes on the numbers. The Patriots gave each of their draft picks base salaries, after their rookie seasons, that are more than the minimum salaries allowed in the new collective bargaining agreement. They stand to be better compensated than the other picks around them. The Patriots didn’t tie any future salaries into any bonuses. They are just straight base salaries.


And almost universally, the 2012 base numbers are tied to credited seasons. That means you only get the minimum salary if you got a credited season (three games on the 53-man roster) in your first. Injured reserve does not count.

We’ll have more on the numbers and Solder in Wednesday’s notebook.

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