Update: Solder signs, practices

The Patriots and first-round pick Nate Solder agreed to terms within the past hour, and is expected to be on the field when the team practices this afternoon.

UPDATE: The Patriots made Solder’s signing official and he is on the field for his first practice.

Exact terms of the deal are not yet known, but it’s not likely that Solder got a completely guaranteed four-year contract like Ryan Kerrigan, picked one spot ahead of Solder at 16, did from the Redskins. There is likely a trigger of some sort that would guarantee the fourth year if Solder achieves certain playing time incentives.


The Patriots and Solder had agreed to the money part of the deal a few days ago, but were battling on the guaranteed years. It appears they came to some sort of compromise.

Solder’s deal is expected to be for four years and around $8,540,500 — which is the rookie allotment for his pick. The Patriots had a total of $8,570,506 left in their rookie pool before Solder’s deal was done.

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