Salary update: Ochocinco on 1-year deal

The NFLPA has put its website back up, so we have some salary information for you.

The most surprising thing is WR Chad Ochocinco, who had three years left on his Bengals contract, will be paid $6 million for 2011 and then is scheduled to become a free agent. That is according to NFLPA records. It’s possible that an extension hasn’t been processed yet, or there could have been a clerical error.

But that’s what the records say right now.

Other items of note:

  • DL Albert Haynesworth’s base salaries are $5.4, $6.7, $8.5 and $10.3 million. His contract must have been fiddled with at some point, because under his original Redskins deal, he was supposed to make $7.2 million in ’12, $29 million in ’13.
  • RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis signed a one-year tender at $1.85 million, and then is eligible to become a free agent.
  • All of the undrafted free agents got three-year contracts.
  • RBs Kevin Faulk and Sammy Morris are on one-year deals at $910,000. LB Tracy White is one year at $810,000.

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