Offensive coordinator says Patriots offense is progressing

FOXBOROUGH — Everything with the Patriots offense is about where Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien expected it to be at this point in the season.

The name of the game during O’Brien’s 16-minute press conference this afternoon was progress as he said each offensive unit is coming along. Here are a few highlights:

On the offense’s status at this point: “I think every year is different. I would say the difference in this year from last would be the offseason — the players weren’t here. But other than that, I would say training camp is going about as it would go at a normal pace for the situation that we’re in this year. At this point, it’s going well. We’re trying to be very fundamentally strong in what we do. We’re progressing. It’s training camp; it’s a grind. …”


On Chad Ochocinco’s progress: “I know from here being here. He’s been very professional. He works really hard in the meeting room and on the field. He’s a competitive guy. He takes a lot of pride in it and I would say that about the whole group of receivers right now. … Ochocinco’s fitting in. He’s progressing on a daily basis and just like everybody else there’s ups and downs at this point in training camp and he’s just trying to be as consistent as he can be like everybody else out there.”

On rookie running backs missing time due to injury: “I think any time you’re not out on the field that’s a tough adjustment. You have to try to keep up on your own with meetings and playbook things and not being out there, obviously you’re not getting the reps. So they’re working hard to come back as fast they can and they will and as soon as they’re healthy, they’ll be back out there.”

On his relationship with Brady: “I’m going into my fifth year here. It’s a good relationship, it’s a professional relationship. It’s a relationship where there’s a lot of communication and it’s all about football. .. It hink there’s a lot of trust. You’re talking about a guy that works really hard. …”


On his duties since becoming offensive coordinator: “We have a really strong staff as a whole, obviously led by Bill. We have a really strong offensive staff that works very well together. We’re all in it together. We each have different roles. I’m basically the guy that kind of collects the papers and puts it in the right stack. …”

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