Belichick says Ellis, Haynesworth day-to-day

Bill Belichick just concluded his final press conference before the Patriots’ first preseason game Thursday against the Jaguars, and gave a glimmer of hope when asked about Albert Haynesworth.

The defensive tackle, who has not practiced in three days and was not on the field at the start of Tuesday’s practice, is “in the day-to-day category. Hopefully he’ll be out there in a day, a matter of days … Unfortunately we have a number of players in that category.”

Belichick also put recently signed Shaun Ellis in the day-to-day box, but he would not elaborate as to whether it is Ellis’s hip and Haynesworth’s knee (he’s had a history of knee problems) that is keeping them off the field.


He agreed that players not taking part in Tuesday’s practice likely won’t play against the Jaguars, though he cautioned that there are no absolutes.

Other tidbits from Belichick:

He said Wednesday will be more like a Friday practice for the team; he said Tuesday’s session involved a lot of down-and-distance work and the team is shifting more into “playing a game” mode. “It will be interesting to see how it all goes together,” Belichick said.

On the progress of second-year players whose growth may have been stunted by the lack of an offseason program, Belichick said, “Every player in the league that’s in that category is dealing with the same set of circumstances. [But] every player that was here last year is way, way, way ahead of where he was last year at this pont.”

Asked whether veterans might play more in the game against Jacksonville because there have been fewer training camp sessions, he said, “I doubt you’ll see that this week.”

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