Mankins league’s highest paid interior lineman

Logan Mankins cashed in. Big time.

According to a source with access to the contract Mankins signed with the Patriots, the guard will max out at $51 million the next six seasons. That includes a $20 million signing bonus, which is guaranteed. The contract includes $30 million in total guaranteed money.

The contract includes $250,000 workout bonuses each year from 2012-16.

Even if Mankins doesn’t get those bonuses — and he will — the $8.29 million annual average makes him the highest paid interior lineman in the NFL. It eclipses the deals signed by Saints guard Jahri Evans ($8.10 million), and Nick Mangold of the Jets ($7.725 million) in recent years.


Mankins’ $30 million guaranteed also dwarfs that of Evans ($19 million) and Mangold ($22 million).

Mankins’ agent, Frank Bauer, was dead-set on his client being the league’s top paid guard. And he did get it in the end.

With the franchise tag, Mankins was due have his $10,116,000 base salary count against the cap.

The new contract lowers Mankins’ cap number to $4,833,333 for 2011, which gives the team an additional $5,282,667.

Mankins’ base salaries are as follows:

2011: $1.5 million
2012: $2.75 million
2013: $5.75 million
2014: $6.25 million
2015: $6.75 million
2016: $6.75 million

Bonuses: $250,000 workout 2012-16.

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