Video: Aaron Hernandez on Patrick Chung’s ‘lovetap’

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FOXBOROUGH — It was arguably the highlight play of today’s Patriots practice. Tight end Aaron Hernandez took a pass from Tom Brady in the flat, took a step, saw safety Patrick Chung coming, and still got lit up.

When asked about it, Hernandez responded with a smile.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Hernandez said, looking humored by the question. “But it was still a good little pop and it got me a little aggravated.”

“He plays hard and you’ve got to be ready at all times.”

Chung called it a “lovetap.”

“I love him man,” Chung said. “I mean we have pads on. We have to go hard in practice. Sometimes there’s going to be a little more aggression than other times. We have to learn how to adapt to it. When [it] gets to contact, bring up the contact but at the same time be safe.”

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