Andre Carter: ‘I’m still remaining humble and hungry’

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Patriots defensive lineman Andre Carter, who was able to apply constant pressure on the pass rush last night, spoke to the media after New England’s preseason victory in Tampa.

“I think in general, there’s a definite level of progression, and this is a starting point,” Carter said. “We still have a long way to go in regards to communication. Pass rush is definitely an art that each team tries to improve on week by week and so we’ll look at the film and see what we did great and what we need to improve on.”


Carter, who looked comfortable and was highly-effective rushing from a hands-down stance in the 4-3 alignment, didn’t pat himself on the back for his efforts.

“I’ll leave that up to the coaches,” Carter said. “I’m definitely my own worst critic. But there’s definitely room for improvement but still I’m definitely getting a feel for the guys next to me but overall I did my best to try to play fast. But I’m still remaining humble and still remaining hungry.”

Carter was asked if Buccaneer left tackle Donald Penn even put a single block on him.

“He did [block me]. There were some pass rushes that I wish I could take back,’’ Carter said. “But overall, we’ll see how it goes on film. Sometimes as football players, we’re so much in the zone, we really don’t know what we’re doing until the days we watch film…

“With any defense it’s just all about fits, where you belong, as well as where the guy next to you belongs. And once you have more of a concept and understanding of that, the sky’s the limit as far as making big plays and sacks for losses.’’

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