Tom Brady talks Belichick, Ocho, and paparazzi

Tom Brady just wrapped his weekly interview on Boston sports radio WEEI and as usual was asked about a number of topics (admittedly a certain reporter may have missed the first couple of questions because she may have forgotten what time it was starting…but here’s a sample):

On an NFC executive’s claim that Bill Belichick “isn’t screwing around” this year and the Patriots will dictate things, not be reactive:
“I mean, he’s one of the most consistent people I’ve been around in my life…what you see from him on a daily basis, you’re always seeing the same thing, win, lose or draw. When we win, he says ‘this is what we did well, we need to continue to do this well’ and when we lose, he says ‘this is what we need to improve on.’ He doesn’t come in one day and you’re thinking, ‘where’s he coming from here.’ There’s no difference that I’ve seen in his coaching and his coaching style – he has high expectations for us and he wants us to play up to our capabilities.


On Chad Ochocinco’s progress:
“I think that every day that we’re out there together, and him working with Deion (Branch) and Wes (Welker), it gets better every day. We’re working on an abbreviated schedule; we’re practicing with lack of OTAs…but he’s a very competitive person. Through conversations I have with him, he wants to be out there learning, he wants to compete. I enjoy being out there with him…For all of us, there’s good things, there’s bad things, there’s mediocre things, and by the time the regular season starts hopefully we’ll be where we’re we need to be.”

On the paparazzi and how he deals with the cameras
“There’s moments I’ve been very frustrated, but you can’t do anything because if you do it validates them. We try to be private…People are entitled, I guess, in this country to do what they want with cameras, video cameras…I try to just pretend they’re not there and enjoy our day; that’s what we’re there for.”

On Mass. native & PGA winner Keegan Bradley saying it would be a dream to play a round of golf with Brady:
“He really must be bored to play a round with me…After the season, it would be my pleasure. Believe me, I need a lot of putting tips; it might be a long round. There’s so many good young golfers these days; I wish Tiger (Woods) could get back in the mix, he just makes it so much more fun for me to watch.”


On the Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh:
“He’s dangerous. They played the Bengals a few weeks ago, first play of game he knocked guard back into the quarterback on a five-step drop. Logan (Mankins) and (Dan) Connolly are going to have their hands full.”

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