Deion Branch enjoys break from the routine

FOXBOROUGH — Deion Branch considers himself a boxing fan, so meeting Micky Ward was a highlight for the receiver last night.

You may have heard the Patriots gathered to watch “The Fighter” last night. Branch said the movie was a nice break from the routine.

“… [Belichick] knows when to let up off the pedal on the guys and when he needs to keep his foot down. That’s his decision. We’re just here following orders. We go to practice, and if we come in without a meeting, that’s cool too. Overall, it was a great movie. I’m glad I had that opportunity to watch it with the guys. Coach knows exactly what he’s doing.”


A few more comments from Branch:

On the movie: “I’m a big boxing fan, so I truly enjoyed meeting this guy. It’s a little different to see his story and for this guy to come in and share some of things about what went on in his life and growing up some of the adversity he went through, that was great.”

On what receivers need to do Saturday: “The biggest thing is staying consistent and going out and executing our plays and doing what we do in practice. We’re not doing anything extra. Just what we do in practice.”

How does tempo play into it: “Very important. The most important thing is we get it good in practice, but it’s just practice. Next is game tempo and what are we doing in the game and how it looks on film when we are going ones vs. ones.”

On Rex Ryan’s compliments of Belichick: “I don’t have anything to do with Coach Ryan. (laughs) I truly enjoy playing for Coach Belichick. Me, personally, I think he’s one of the greatest coaches and I’m loving every opportunity I get to play for him.”

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