Ochocinco: ‘I’m just nowhere near where I want to be.’

FOXBOROUGH — Chad Ochocinco said he may be his worst critic these days. He isn’t frustrated with learning the offense, but he knows he can be better.

Here are a few comments from his chat with the media earlier today:

On when he will be able to just react on the field: “That takes time. It takes time. You know, it takes time. Right now, scale of 1-10 how far am I from what you just described? Probably a 7. Probably a 7. Because right now, what I’m doing is I’m able to go out right now and react (snaps fingers) as soon as I hear Tommy call something I’m good; I’m set. But I’m still not set in that comfort zone to where I can just be me, you know? And somewhat exhale and oh it’s on, you know, let’s play. I think it’s my third week, and let’s be realistic, this is the highest levels of football. It’s not easy.”


On being a critic of himself: “I’m just nowhere near where I want to be. I’m my biggest critic anyway. Regardless of what you write, what you guys see – I’m the first to judge myself. I’m always aiming for perfection and one of those things about being here, about being in an organization like this, that prides itself on perfection and excellence, you know, I’m sort of putting the pressure on myself to be right and be perfect now. Not later. I’m trying to squeeze everything within a short time frame. And it’s somewhat impossible but if I can aim to be as perfect as possible, I think I’ll get up to speed.”

On if Tom Brady is a teacher: “Yeah, most definitely. Most definitely. I asked him to be. Tom’s been a big help, and probably the biggest help beside what the coach can tell me. Tom’s on the field; he sees the field the way I do, and my eyes have to be his eyes and my ears have to be his ears. And the faster Tom and I get on that same page, the smoother it’s going to go. It’s like a married couple.”


On if the routes are any different: “No, pretty much regardless of where you play, offensive routes are all the same. It’s one through 10; you can only go so many ways. It’s basically the same, just different verbiage. That’s it.”

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