Ochocinco on Hard Knocks recap

HBO broadcast a retrospective — Hard Knocks: A Decade In Training — on its award-winning show about NFL training camp tonight.

The show was a casualty of the lockout, but HBO caught up with some of the past players featured on the show, including current Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco. He was with the Bengals when the team was featured on Hard Knocks in 2009.

Ochocinco and former coach Marvin Lewis talked about having a father-son relationship during their time together.

Ochocinco also described, as only he can, about being the Patriots:

“I haven’t been able to put it into words, so I just describe being here as heaven. From everything, from the practices to the meetings all the way down to the food. Something as simple as the food. Like, like (bleeping) wild. Like serious. And you know, I think me just saying that puts it in perspective what it’s like being here, that one word: (bleeping) wild.”

OK, then.


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