Carr on the defensive line: ‘Legit. No doubt’

Stopped into the Giants locker room and asked Giants quarterback David Carr about the Patriots’ revamped defensive line of ends Shaun Ellis and Andre Carter, and tackles Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth.

Carr was impressed.

“Legit. No doubt,” Carr said. “My guys were geared up and they were ready to go, but those guys? Another level. And I played against Albert when I was in Houston and he was in Tennessee. He can get after it. And then you add the other two guys [Ellis and Carter] in the mix? Ellis had a play where he came up the field pretty hard on me, flushed me out of the pocket, we’re going in for a score, I had to throw it away. It’s pretty intense. They’re going to be good, especially with their offense, which can score points. They’ll be a good football team.”

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