Quick hits from Belichick

Here are some quick notes from Bill Belichick’s conference call with media members:

Opening statement: “We watched the film here today, made a handful of roster moves. There were some positive things last night, definitely some things we didn’t do as well as we would have wanted…”

On Nate Solder playing right and left tackle in the game: “Well if he’s the third tackle, the swing tackle, that’s what he’s going to have to do…His run-blocking was good, overall his pass-blocking was good. The kid’s learned a lot, had a lot thrown at him in the last month and overall he’s handled it very well.”


On Matthew Slater’s versatility: “I think it’s helped a lot – the more ways a player can contribute the more value he has. He’s such a hardworking player; no one outworks Matthew. He keeps working hard, he keeps getting better. He had a really good training camp.”

On who is the team’s top kickoff returner heading into Miami: “We have a number of guys that have done it so it will be someone from that group.” What’s interesting in that is he made no mention of Brandon Tate, who had the job last year…

On Ryan Mallett getting battered toward the end of the game: “That’s the NFL. Things happen in this league fast, things get disguised…That’s the great part about preseason games, being able to get live-game experience at that tempo.”

On Brandon Meriweather not playing until the second half last night and his preseason: “We mixed up our rotations like we usually do…(His preseason/camp) has been good. He’s been out there every day and he’s improved. He’s out there practicing like everyone else.”

On telling players they’ve been cut: “It’s the worst part of the job…Guys work hard and give you everything they’ve got and not everyone can make it. It’s always a tough time of year for myself and the position coaches – we spend a lot of time with guys and it’s tough to see it end. We all understand it’s part of the process and the business. It doesn’t make it any easier but it’s something you have to deal with every year. It doesn’t really get any easier…You’re affecting their lives and their families and their careers and trying to do what’s best for the team, but that still can be tough. It is tough.”

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