Belichick says Meriweather: “played a lot of good football for us”

FOXBOROUGH — A few quick hits from Bill Belichick’s press conference today, which is the first of the week as the team prepares for the season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

Here are a few highlights:

On Meriweather: “Each year is a new year and I just don’t think you can pick teams and players based on what’s happened in the past. You have to pick them based on what you think will happen this year and that’s relative to competition, the make up of your team and the player’s performance.

“Brandon played a lot of good football for us. We kept the players this year who we felt would be the best make up for the 2011 team — not the 2009 team. It’s the 2011 team and that’s the players we selected.”


On picking up Brian Waters: “As usual, we keep our eye on all the players that are available, whether it be current players in the league or players not with a team. We’ve worked out a lot of guys this year during training camp.

“Brian has a good level of experience. I think his playing style is one that we feel like the way he plays the position is the way we feel like we want it played. The fact he has a little familiarity with our system relative to what Kansas City is doing and all that doesn’t hurt. That’s not an overriding factor, just a part of it.

“We’ve gone up against him a number of times and I have a lot of respect for Brian, his play, his professionalism and what he brings to the team.”

On number of players picked up via waiver wire: “I think we’ve had a competitive camp. There’s 11 guys on other teams now. We had a lot of guys battling it out in a lot of different positions, so I can’t really speak to what other teams did. … It probably says something about what the level of competition was on our team.”

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