Belichick talks cuts, another Gronkowski and Moss (sort of)

FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots are one of the many teams actively combing the waiver wire and shaking up the roster in the days before the season opener.

This morning the Patriots cut veteran defensive lineman Gerard Warren and yesterday it was 2009 second-round draft pick Darius Butler.

Coach Bill Belichick said every player has to earn his spot.

Here are some highlights from Belichick’s press conference this morning.

On signing Dan Gronkowski: “Dan’s done a good job in Detroit and last year out in Denver under Josh [McDaniels’s offense], so it’s easy to see him doing some of the things similar to what we do, so we feel like he’s a good addition to our team at that position, both offensively and he’s had some playing time in the kicking game.”


Could he see Gerard Warren coming back and the evaluation of his camp: “Sure. I thought he did a good job. We carried him on our roster and then we had to drop him to make some other moves. But I thought he played very competitive.”

On Randy Moss: “I won’t talk about any player that’s not on our football team.”

Thoughts on A.J. Edds: “He played outside linebacker at Iowa. He went down to Miami last year and played inside linebacker. He came back this year and played inside linebacker and he has some inside and outside flexibility and experience in the kicking game and long snapping.”

On preparation: “Once a player is on your team, whether he is on your practice squad or your 53-man roster, he needs to be ready to play. We can play any of those players, potentially, on Monday night,” Belichick said. “The idea is to get them ready.”

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