Predicting the season

As part of today’s preview section, we submitted our picks for the season. Wanted to go on record with my seedings and playoff predictions, so I can totally go down in flames.


1. Patriots
2. Texans
3. Steelers
4. Chargers
5. Ravens
6. Jets

Wild-card round: Steelers over Jets; Ravens over Chargers.
Divisional: Patriots over Ravens; Steelers over Texans.
AFC Championship: Patriots over Steelers.


1. Saints
2. Eagles
3. Packers
4. Cardinals
5. Falcons
6. Lions

Wild-card round: Lions over Packers; Falcons over Cardinals.
Divisional: Saints over Lions; Eagles over Falcons.
NFC Championship: Saints over Eagles.

SUPER BOWL XLVI: Saints 27, Patriots 17

Saints have one of the few offensive lines that can stand tall against the Patriots’ defensive line. And the Saints’ team speed on both sides of the ball will be too much for the Patriots to handle.


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