Brady on Ochocinco, offensive efficiency, and Connolly


Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI earlier this morning, and here are a couple of highlights from that conversation:

On Chad Ochocinco and former Patriot turned ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi’s comments yesterday that Ochocinco needs to stop being in awe of Brady and the offense and “get with the program”:

“Chad’s a – from the day that he’s got here he’s worked really hard to be a part of this offense and be involved so I don’t know when he said that or what he said, but I know that we’re counting on him to be a huge contributor, and he expects that too. He expects to be out there making plays. When I’m out there in the huddle with him he’s very excited about being out there and making catches and doing the right thing and being in the right spot. He’s definitely done that over the course of training camp, so anyone that’s been at training camp knows that he’s been a part of what we’re trying to do since the day we got him so I’m excited for him, I’m excited for our offense.


“We need to clean some things up and when we do I think we can be very efficient out there. There were some things the other night that I definitely thought we could have done a better job of and I don’t mean that in an egotistical way, that’s just a fact. We definitely made big plays, which contributed to getting the ball in the end zone, but…we had three three-and-outs, that’s something that as an offense you never want a three-and-out and we had three of them, so those are things that we’re going to need to find ways to improve on. And it’s early in the year and I’m glad when we make mistakes that we can still win the game and we’ve got to continue to do that.”

On topping 500 passing yards:

“Well, I didn’t realize until late in fourth quarter. Look, that’s part of our job, you know? Some days you don’t have opportunity to throw for that many yards – some days you throw for 200 yards and it’s a great day and some days you throw for 100 yards and the reason is, you’re trying to take what the defense is giving you. And there’s going to be days when we run the ball great, there’s other days where it’s more of a ball-possession game and there’s other nights where you have an opportunity that the matchups you get and the coverages you get and the way that the players are playing around me – really it’s my job to do that. I gotta make the throw to the open guys, I gotta be able to see the field, that’s part of my job. So whether I throw for 200 yards or 20 yards, as long as we’re winning, especially at this point – I’ve been on teams that won 18 straight games or 21 straight games, I’ve won Super Bowls – yardage and touchdowns, none of that really means anything to me anymore. Really it’s about winning the game and moving on to the next week and making improvements so that the margin of error may be smaller. That’s what we have to be prepared to do.”


Do you wonder how many more opportunities you’ll get (to win championships)?

“I’ve always said I want to play a long time, that’s been a goal of mine for a long time; I’m really committed to that. I just love this game, I love football, and I really don’t imagine myself ever doing anything else. I really do appreciate it. I understand the sacrifices I make and that we all make, for doing something that we love to do, and I think I’m very blessed to play a game that I love. The competitive nature of the quarterback position and the challenges mentally and physically, those are things that you’ll always miss but I really missed them a few years ago when I was hurt and I realized – not that anyone wants to realize it that way – but when you miss a year, you realize how important a part of your life it is. So you know, everything that I do is to make sure that I’m out there playing every week – a lot of the nutrition and sleep and body work that I get and preparation that I take to be out there every week, that’s another part I enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed that, so hopefully that takes me a long way. Sometimes that’s out of your control, but there’s nothing more I love to do than run out on the Gillette Stadium field, like I will be doing this Sunday, to lead our team. That’s really what I love to do.”


On whether there will be an adjustment from Dan Koppen to Dan Connolly at center:

“There’s always adjustments, ‘Kope’ and I, we’ve been together for a long time and he knows me very well and I think there’s a great relationship between quarterback and center. But the nice part is Dan’s been here for a while, he’s been a reserve center for a long time, it’s not his natural position but at the same time the way he stepped in and performed the other night was huge for us. We have a week of practice with him, you know, it’s always more challenging when a guy’s just thrown into a game, especially at the center position, but he performed great and we’re going to have a week of practice to get on the same page and he’s going to be in there as long as he needs to be. He’s been a damn good player, and we’ll adjust and move on.”

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