Distractions not slowing down the Patriots offense

The Patriots’ offense has used a lot of no-huddle in its first two games and, at times, defenses have had trouble keeping up.

In the 35-21 win over the the San Diego Chargers Sunday, there were questions about the timing of a few Chargers injuries that seemed to slow the pace of the offense. Coach Bill Belihcick said there isn’t much a team can do if an opponent fakes injuries to slow things down.

“I think we all see the way the game is now, there are different breaks in games and points in time that you could have momentum or positive things going on in your favor and we stop and review a play, or review a score or a play gets challenged, or a player gets injured, or a beach ball rolls onto the field — a dog runs out there. It could be anything — streakers, we’ve had that,” Belichick said.


“Things happen, that’s part of just being focused and playing through the situation whatever it is that comes up. It’s just part of the game. I think if you want to address that whole issue, then that’s something that needs to go to the people that make the rules.”

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