On the Beat: 5 questions about the Bills

We go inside the Bills with Buffalo News beat writer Mark Gaughan, who is always a must read.

1. Liking what I’ve seen from the Bills offense so far, but not sure I love the defense vs. the Patriots, what do you think of that unit?

Gaughan: I think it’s a lot better than last year. Marcell Dareus is legit. Nick Barnett is a good addition. Pass rush is a big question mark. I don’t love ANY defense against the Patriots.

2. Who is the one Bills player most Patriots fans don’t know right now, but will by the end of the game on Sunday?


Gaughan: Do they know David Nelson? Let’s go with him … big body, 6-5, 220, out of the slot, big frame … He’ll be catching a lot of passes.

3. What’s the biggest weakness on the Bills’ offense you expect the Patriots to try to exploit?

Gaughan: Can they challenge the Pats down the field? I’m not so sure.

4. What’s the biggest weakness on the Bills’ defense you expect the Patriots to try to exploit?

Gaughan: Bills haven’t shown much pass rush. Brady should have time to scan the field, which we all know is trouble for anybody.

5. Finally, Bills win on Sunday if …

Gaughan: They have perfect ball security (because they’re not getting picks off Brady), their WRs do damage against a dinged-up Pats secondary (because it’s hard to see them holding Pats under 28) and they get a couple out-of-the-ordinary big plays (like on special teams).

Thanks to Mark for his time. Make sure you read up on the Bills at the Buffalo News.

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