Belichick: ‘We had our chances’

Bill Belichick and the Patriots players were in the film room today to evaluate yesterday’s 34-31 loss in Buffalo, and Belichick summed things up by saying, “we had our chances – we just weren’t able to do enough with them.”

Here are some highlights from his day-after press conference:

On pointing out positives and negatives during film review:

“Yeah, there are good things in every game and there are things that aren’t good in every game. Just because you win, doesn’t mean everything’s right and just because you lose, doesn’t mean everything is wrong. Correct the mistakes that you make and you point out the things that are positive and reinforce those and try to do them again and maybe a little better the next time. That’s what we do every week.”


On Fred Jackson’s catch-and-run to the one-yard line, which ultimately set up Buffalo’s game-winning field goal:

“He was the outside guy, he came underneath [and] he caught the ball on a short pass. We had two guys converging on him, he split us. Devin [McCourty] made a good play to run him down. We just didn’t play well enough, obviously.”

On tight end Scott Chandler’s wide-open touchdown in the third quarter:

“We obviously blew it. We obviously blew it.” (What should have happened?) “Should have been covered, should have been covered. Bad coaching [and] bad playing. It was just bad.”

On what improvements have to be made:

“I think there were a lot of positive things in the game; there just weren’t enough, that’s all. There are too many negative things. In the end, that overrode them. We made our share of plays. [It was] certainly a competitive game, but they made more than we did.”

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