Extra Points

Patriots turn their attention to the Oakland Raiders

The Patriots are trying to distance themselves from their first loss of the season by preparing for the next game against the Oakland Raiders. This afternoon, Bill Belichick said on his conference call with the media, the Patriots continue to move forward.

Here are a few highlights:

On preparing for Oakland: “… Big win for them [Sunday vs. the Jets], [they’re] really a couple of seconds away from being 3-0. They’re a good football team [in] all three phases of the game – [they’re] very explosive, got a lot of big pass guys, playing with a lot of confidence and we’re going out there on the road. It will be a big challenge for us this week to get ready for the type of team we’re going to be facing.”


On Oakland’s offensive balance: “I think overall they have pretty good balance. They definitely ran it and that opened up some things in the passing game. They kind of do what they usually do. They mix in some gadget plays, some reverses, some things like that, along with their power running game and do a good job in their passing game of getting the ball down the field and also getting it to their backs and underneath people too. They make you defend the whole field and any time you can be successful running the ball that opens up the play action and the passing game and everything else. It’s good complementary football. They’ve done a good job of it.”

On how much a player’s performance one week plays into the next week’s game plan: “I really think each week is a new week. Each week presents new challenges. Sometimes the matchups from one week are more or less favorable than the week before.

“Again, a lot of times you never know exactly how a team is going to play anyway so you have to be ready to make adjustments during the game. You go in with an idea and you have some options. And then based on the way the game unfolds, sometimes it goes a little differently than the way you think it will once you see how it’s going. You try to game plan wide and give yourself enough flexibility to be able to adapt and put your team in the best opportunity you can to be successful and be competitive. We have confidence in all the players on the team and whatever all they’re asked to do. We’ll put them in there and have them do it. If we didn’t, then we’d have somebody else.”



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