Tom Brady: ‘Not much we can do about last week’

FOXBOROUGH — Tom Brady’s moving on from his off day.

The Patriots quarterback said today there wasn’t anything different about practice this week following the team’s disappointing 34-31 loss in Buffalo Sunday and that his focus is squarely on the Oakland Raiders.

“It’s a road game, it’s an important one,” Brady said from the media room podium at Gillette Stadium this morning. “We gotta go out there and try to win.”

Brady was asked if there was a different feeling in Foxborough this week and if the team is trying to rally from the first loss of the season when the Patriots QB was picked off four times.


“We’ve moved on from Sunday and we’re focused on what we need to do in preparation,” Brady said. “We’ve been studying the different challenges that this team [Raiders] presents to us, and we’re going to prepare hard like we always do and try to go out there and play well.

“There’s not much we can do about last week, nothing we can do about next week. The only thing we can do is focus on what we have ahead of us today.”

Brady spoke about throwing to Wes Welker, the sure-handed wide receiver that caught 16 passes for team-record 217 yards, including two touchdowns, against the Bills.

“He’s just a great player,” Brady said. “And he’s been that way since the day he got here. He had a great game last week, an individual effort that made some incredible plays. He always seems to do that. In Miami he did the same thing. He’s done that in practice every day. Every day in training camp he never misses a day. He’s just a tough, hard-nosed, football player. You can never underestimate someone that has had to work the way he’s had to work ’cause he hasn’t had all the opportunities that maybe a lot of other guys had early in his career. He still works as hard today as he’s ever worked.


“I love being out there with him. He’s a great teammate, and incredible player, receiver, leader on this team and teams are trying to find ways to try to take Wes away.”

Brady spoke about how Welker manages to get open so often.

“Different guys create different separation different ways,” Brady said. “Wes uses his quickness a lot of the time and you see he gets a lot of separation because he’s so good in and out of his breaks. Taller guys, some don’t get as good horizontal separation because their vertical length, their catch radius, they could be open if [the] DB’s a lot closer.

“Wes doesn’t have that. So he’s got to be open. He’s got to get some separation and he does that and that’s what his quickness really allows him to be able to do.”

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