Belichick on Francona: Good friend, great manager

Bill Belichick was asked about Red Sox manager Terry Francona’s (potential) ouster this morning, and he was surprised to hear that the longtime manager and the Sox would be parting ways.

“Terry and I are good friends,” Belichick said. “But, great manager, I’m sure that there are a lot of people in baseball that would like to have his record, including the championships. I’ll certainly miss his presence in this area. I’m sure we’ll be friends and still talk and see each other and so forth. That’s disappointing, you know, on a personal level because I like Terry.


“As I said, he’s certainly had a great record as the manager of the Red Sox. Whatever it was, a hundred and some years without any championships and then they win two of them. That speaks for itself right there.”

It was actually 86 years, not over 100, but you see Belichick’s point…

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