Patriots 17, Raiders 10: Halftime thoughts

Some quickie halftime thoughts:

  • A cart was needed to take Jerod Mayo (left knee) off the field at halftime. He’s likely done for the day. Brandon Spikes and Gary Guyton will have to star in the second half for the Patriots to make plays on defense. Spikes had an up-and-down first half.
  • For some reason the Patriots are having Deion Branch run a lot of vertical routes and that’s not his forte. He’s been easily covered. Patriots could use more good play out of Chad Ochocinco (two catches).
  • Patriots should run more in the second half. Outside (weakness of Raiders) and inside is working. Steven Ridley (three carries, 36 yards) needs some more touches.
  • Raiders are doing a number on TE Rob Gronkowski. Looks like they have a safety over the top of him.
  • Patriots have played all zone in the secondary, and it’s helping. The safeties must play better for it to work.
  • The Raiders (seven penalties, 70 yards and a gift red zone INT from Jason Campbell) have really helped the Patriots in this game.

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