Patriots begin preparation for the Jets

FOXBOROUGH — Preparation for the New York Jets officially has begun and keeping the emotions of the rivalry in check will be key this week, Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty said.

Part of that process will mean watching film from last season’s playoff loss.

“You just watch film to see what was done in that game, but the outcome and the emotions has nothing to do with now. You’re just watching it for scheme and all that stuff,” McCourty said.

McCourty, safety Josh Barrett and safety Ross Ventrone spent about an hour reading to preschoolers at the Foxborough YMCA this morning as part of the team’s campaign to celebrate volunteerism.


Barrett was a member of the Patriots last season but didn’t have the chance to play or prepare for the game as he was recovering from an injury. But he picked up on the intensity of the rivalry and said there is a lot at stake on Sunday.

“It’s an important game and an important week,” Barrett said. “We’re tied for first place in our division and we’re at home. It’s an important week and a huge game.”

Ventrone, who was cut last week, is back with the Patriots on the team’s practice squad.

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