Jets discuss matchup vs. Patriots

Several Jets players discussed Sunday’s game vs. the Patriots, both on conference calls with the New England media as well as after the Jets practice today.

Here are excerpts:
Cornerback Darrelle Revis, on covering Wes Welker:
“It seems on film he always gives defenses problems all the time. It’s him and Tom (Brady). (They) have a one-two punch with each other, (they) have great chemistry. They work well together. He’s got 40 catches already, over 600 yards, so (he is) Tom’s go-to guy. He’s always looking for him. He’s tough in the slot. He’s probably the toughest receiver to cover in the slot.”


Center Nick Mangold, on adjustments the Jets will make vs. the Patriots:
“We are (going to do whatever it takes) to win the game. Whether it’s run the ball 60 times or pass the ball 60 times, I don’t care what we do. We want to go out there and win. Whatever it takes to do that, that’s what we’re going to do.”

Receiver Plaxico Burress, on the Patriots’ defense:
“I looked at them this morning for a split second. I know that [Devin] McCourty is a good corner – he made the Pro Bowl last year as rookie. [Patrick] Chung, he is a good player, a good athlete back there being able to make plays. [Brandon] Spikes and everybody knows about Vince [Wilfork] and all those guys. You know, Andre Carter, he’s a good rusher, good defensive end. From what I’ve been able to look at, they have a lot of athletes. They have a lot of speed over there on defense. They have a lot of guys over there that are capable of making game-changing plays.”

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