Shaun Ellis on facing the Jets: ‘Definitely going to be a lot of emotions’

FOXBOROUGH — When Shaun Ellis joined the Patriots in August, his former coach Rex Ryan said, “The fact that he chose them… there’s no way I’m going to wish him well. There’s no chance of that.”

Today, Ellis was asked if he had reconciled with the outspoken Jets coach.

“You know Rex is Rex,” Ellis said. “He’s going to voice his opinion whether jokingly or being serious. I just didn’t pay any attention to it. It’s a business decision, one of the ones that led me here, so I’m here, I’m happy to be here, just ready to go out there and play.”


Ellis was asked if he thought the Jets miss the pass rush pressure that he used to provide for them.

“Those guys on the defensive side of the ball, they do a lot of things to get to the quarterback with the blitzes and multiple fronts so it’s one of those things that they can generate pressure,” Ellis said. “Whether I’m there or not, they’re going to be able to generate [pressure].”

Ellis said he’s been thinking about facing the Jets this week.

“It’s here, obviously it’s in the back of my mind,” the 34-year-old defensive end said. “Just looking to go out and play what the defense calls for, not trying to get outside of my element. Go out there and just play my game … I just want to go out and play my techniques, read my keys, and go out and just play my assignments. Just go out there and be relentless, fight through guys and get tackles and get sacks.”

Ellis was asked if it would be difficult to keep his emotions in check on Sunday.

“This game is a highly emotional game anyway,” he said. “It’s definitely going to be a lot of emotions, there will be a lot of adversities, just for us we’ve got to stay grounded and keep playing.”

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