Tom Brady doesn’t care what Antonio Cromartie has to say

FOXBOROUGH — A subdued Tom Brady took to the podium this afternoon to answer questions in anticipation of Sunday’s matchup against the New York Jets, and he wasn’t in the mood for much talk other than football.

Brady wrapped up his five-minute news conference after he was pressed by a member the New York media about comments Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie made last season. Cromartie made a range of comments in January that included calling Brady names and saying he “hates” the quarterback.

Cromartie told Newsday on Sunday that he stood behind his comments, although he didn’t repeat them.


When Brady was asked about the comments today, he didn’t fuel the fire.

“I don’t care what he says about me,” Brady said.

The reporter then asked, what Brady thinks of Cromartie as a player.

“He’s very good, excellent player. They have two very good corners. They have a bunch of good corners actually. Two that are out there in their regular defense are very good. They’re both fast . They’re both physical. They play well at the line of scrimmage. They’re very disruptive. They lead the league in pass defense, so it kind of tells you everything you want to know about them.”

A few minutes later, Brady was asked if he felt Cromartie’s criticism of his “antics” after touchdowns were unfair.

Brady said, “I really don’t care what he says.”

And with that, Brady thanked the media and ended the news conference.

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