Cromartie, Revis, and Smith on a frustrating day for the Jets defense

FOXBOROUGH — Some key members of the talkative, brash New York Jets defense took a more subdued tone than normal after the team’s third straight defeat, this time at the hands of the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

“They did a great job spreading the ball around,” Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said after the game. “We have to make sure that we do the things that we are capable of doing, in order to win the football game.”

The Patriots presented a balanced against the Jets defense, gaining 152 yards on the ground and 321 yards through the air with quarterback Tom Brady going 24-for-36, throwing to six players.


“They did not do anything special,” Cromartie said when asked what was the toughest part of the Patriots offense. “They did everything that we focused on in practice. We have to make sure that we make the plays that we are capable of making.”

Cornerback Darrelle Revis spoke about the Jets three game losing streak.

“It is a lot of frustration, you know we lost three games in row,” Revis said. “It is tough. It feels tough right now. We have to stop committing the mistakes out on the field. We have to be consistent in our game play. It was tough game tonight but we did do some great things. We also did some things that hurt us.”

Revis talked about trying to cover Wes Welker, who burned the Jets secondary for a 73 yard gain on the Patriots first offensive play of the third quarter.

“We tried to switch it up on them a little bit,” Revis said. “I was on him a couple of times and a couple of other people were also on him. We were just trying to give them a mixture of things. He made a couple of great plays today, especially with the big one. It was like he was going across the field and got us on a double move and he was gone up the field.”


Jets safety Eric Smith talked about the predicament his team finds itself in.

“It is frustrating, these three losses on the road,” Smith said. “We have no other choice but to rebound and get back on track with another divisional game coming up.”

Smith was asked to explain what went wrong with the Jets defense that gave up some big plays to the Patriots offense on Sunday.

“We were in one of our quarters coverage and when the tight end blocks, we are supposed to cover them high and low and we didn’t have either one covered,” Smith said. “There were a few times or situations we needed to get off the field towards the end of the game and get the ball back in the offenses hand. We didn’t set the edge and we weren’t necessarily in our gaps where we needed to be and they gashed us for some big plays.”

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