Brady: ‘Glad we won, glad the week’s over’

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI this morning. Here are some highlights from that conversation:

On the satisfaction of imposing their will on an opponent
Well those are good ways to finish the game. We talk about those every single week, and when we get those situations where – we call it our four-minute offense – where we can essentially run the clock out and basically allow them no time to do anything with it at the end and they’re important situations in the game. Like yesterday it was a six-point game, we made it a nine-point game and put it out of reach with the field goal. But that’s a great way to end the game, there’s no doubt about it.

On seeming “irritated” after the game

No I just, you know, I expect a lot out of our team, just like our coaches do and all the players do, and I thought we were capable of playing better than we did yesterday. Even though we won, yeah, you know, I feel great about that, believe me, I know how tough it is to win, and how much it sucks to lose and we played a good team yesterday that has been a tough opponent for us and is a tough opponent every time we play them, but I thought that we made it a little tougher than we needed it to be.


On why he’s “not joking anymore” as he said last Wednesday
You know what, guys? There’s a lot that goes into every week. There’s a lot of intensity that we bring to practice, to the games, and sometimes you’re just tired. Sometimes you don’t have the energy to put on a happy face every day. It’s an important week. We were getting to work. There’s a lot of pressure from the time the Oakland game ended, it’s a six-hour flight home, you get to bed four, five o’clock in the morning, six in the morning like we did and then it’s a dead sprint until the next game so sometimes, you know, you’re a little out of gas and you have to conserve your energy and at the end of yesterday’s game I was tired. Look, it’s a big opponent. We put a lot into it. There’s a lot of emotional energy that’s expended. I’m glad we won, I’m glad the week’s over and now we can move onto another opponent that creates and gives us a lot of different challenges also.


On whether he changed the protection and call on the touchdown to Deion Branch
We were trying to get aligned the right way and get the right play called. I have options down there – Billy (O’Brien) gives me options every week to try to take advantage of what I see. That was an important play in the game, we could have scored more in the red area, I thought we left a lot of points out there, and that was one situation where it was good but at the same time there were other situations and we had quite a few penalties that really hurt us throughout the course of the game too but I thought a lot of guys played really tough – some guys were feeling pretty under the weather yesterday [ESPNBoston reported that night that Rob Gronkowski was so ill he wasn’t able to take part in pre-game warmups and didn’t think he’d be able to play in the game] and really battled through that, and guys were definitely less than 100 percent, as a lot of teams are, but I thought a lot of guys really sucked it up and made huge efforts in the game to get out there and make enough plays that we could beat those guys.

On the run-pass balance against the Jets
I think we have to – the Jets are focused on stopping the pass. A lot of what they do is coverage related. It’s not… and they did a decent job stopping the run at times yesterday too. They stopped us for one-yard gain, it’s not like it was seven yards a carry out there, there was one-yard gains. They’re a tough, physical front. They’ve got some good linebackers, some good run-stopping linebackers, there’s a lot of movement on that defense too so you don’t always get great angles. We’ve got to be able to run the ball, we’ve got to stay balanced, we’ve got to be able to take advantage of whatever we see. I think it gives everybody a lot of comfort, knowing that we are capable of running the ball effectively as we did yesterday. Yesterday we were pretty balanced and it was pretty effective. We were throwing the ball decently and ran it decently and we’re going to need to continue to do that.


On BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Well he’s a very decisive runner, he runs with great pad level, he’s low, he’s powerful, he runs through tacklers, he runs through arm tackles, he really knows how to set his linemen up. Benny sees the whole field back there as a running back. Talk about a guy who really takes advantage of his opportunities: undrafted free agent, sits behind some other guys on our roster for a few years and once he gets his opportunity he becomes a damn good starting running back in the NFL. He’s running that ball hard for us and the line did a great job blocking for him yesterday and it was great to see. It was great to be balanced like we were.

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