Gronkowski met with Kraft over pictures; ‘not intended to hurt anyone’

Tight end Rob Gronkowski acknowledged today that he got himself into a bit of hot water when pictures of himself and an adult film actress wearing his Patriots jersey were posted on Twitter over the weekend and said he meant no ill will.

Gronkowski said he had a meeting with the Krafts – he didn’t specify if it was Robert, Jonathan or both – about the photos. [In the humble opinion of this blogger, the fact that his Patriots jersey, representing the brand the Kraft have worked hard to build up, was front-and-center in the photos is the issue with said pics.]


The second-year player tried hard to stay on message – he chatted briefly with the Pats’ top two team PR reps, Stacey James and Aaron Salkin, before stepping in front of cameras – and apologized for owned up to the misstep.

Here’s how the interview went down:

How was your bye?

It was good. Got some workouts in, my body’s feeling good, ready to go this week, we had a good practice yesterday, looking forward to the practice today, get some hitting in with full pads on.

Have you been active on Twitter?

Not really. I haven’t…it’s been a couple of days. Not really.

Have you gained a lot of followers (on Twitter)?

I’m here to talk about Pitt, man. I mean, ah, I didn’t intend to hurt the reputation of anyone, the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft, and that’s all and it was just a simple picture, that’s all, and from here on out I’m just here to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the big game this weekend.

Do you always travel with your jersey?

Like I said, I’m just here to talk about Pitt, man.


Did you talk to the Krafts?

Yes, just…just leave it at that.

Any regrets?

(It was) not intended to hurt anyone, or ruin the reputation of the New England Patriots in any way, a great organization here, and great football team and just can’t wait to get out to practice and focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers, because that’s all I’m worried about.

Is this part of the learning process as a young pro athlete?

Yes, definitely, but I mean, like I said, I intended to hurt no one, I love this organization, love being part of here and everything and definitely not trying to put anyone on the map or anything, but like I said, I’m just here for the Steelers, all I care about is the Steelers, and all I care about is this team and being here with the team from this week and practicing and getting better every day.

Lesson learned?

I’m just…anyone want to talk about the Steelers?

Gronkowski was then asked a couple of questions about Pittsburgh and its defense.

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