Tom Brady: ‘We’re all pretty much in a bad mood’

FOXBOROUGH – Tom Brady didn’t want to talk about Julian Edelman’s situation or look back on Super Bowl XLII against the Giants. It’s all about looking ahead for the Patriots quarterback.

“This is an entirely different team we have, and they have, and strengths and weaknesses,” Brady said from the podium at Gillette Stadium today. “There are so many players on our team that obviously were not a part of that game, or any game against the Giants.”

Brady spoke about the Giants pass rush the offense will face on Sunday.

“They get pressure probably better than anybody in the league,” Brady said. “They lead the league in sacks. Every guy on that d-line can rush the quarterback. J.P.P [Jason Pierre-Paul] has eight sacks and Osi’s [Umenyiora] got six, and Tuck hasn’t been in there a whole lot this year but he’s still getting them. They’ve got a whole group of pass rushers.”


Brady relayed that the mood in the locker room wasn’t pleasant this week, following a disappointing outcome against the Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday.

“We’re all pretty much in a bad mood,” he said. “There is a mourning process that goes on with our team, our coaches, players. We hate losing. It’s not something we’ll ever get used to. It sucks. The whole week sucks, actually. You just have to go out there and erase that memory with a good win and good days of practice. Once you get into the preparation of the week, you end up moving on to the week coming up.”

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