Highlights from Belichick press conference

Bill Belichick held his final press conference of the week today and touched on a few different topics as the team prepares to face the New York Giants on Sunday.

In the middle of the press conference, former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, who is now an analyst for NFL on FOX, walked in before catching up with Belichick afterward and watching practice.

Belichick on depth of Giants running backs if Ahmad Bradshaw cannot play: “They’ve got several backs. They’ve used [D.J.] Ware for him, at times anyway, and of course [Brandon] Jacobs and [Da’Rel] Scott, so we’ll be ready for all of them. Scott is really fast, Jacobs is a big guy, is a powerful guy and Ware is, I’d say, similar to Bradshaw in a lot of ways. They use him in the passing game, he’s quick, he’s kind of an elusive guy. I’m sure that he could do or would do some of the things that Bradshaw does. They use all those guys a little bit anyway. They’re all productive so whichever ones we get, we’ll be ready for.”


On if Ron Brace is ready to be added to the 53-man roster: “Yeah, we have some time there. I think he’s certainly making good progress. We’ll see how this week finishes up, but he’s getting close.”

On status of Dane Fletcher and his injury: “He’s doing some rehab. When he’s ready, we’ll be happy to have him out there. If it was going to be for the year, we would put him on Injured Reserve so we don’t feel like it’s that long but we’ll just see how he comes along.”

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