Rex Ryan out of character as Patriots fan in upcoming Adam Sandler movie

Jets coach Rex Ryan said it was completely out of character for him to play a diehard Patriots fan who has a Tom Brady poster and a Bill Belichick bobblehead in his office in a scene he filmed for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie.

“Initially, I went in there and had only one line, but I dominated so much that they gave me several lines,” the bombastic Jets coach said in a teleconference today with New England media in advance of Sunday’s AFC East home game against the Patriots. “It was a lot of fun. They did have a billboard up there in the Boston area, and I thought that could be trouble, so hopefully they took it down right after. But it was really a lot of fun.”


Asked if it was against type for him to play a Patriots fan, Ryan replied, “It was a stretch — there’s no doubt, it was a stretch. It was good. They had me with Red Sox stuff in there, Patriots stuff all over the place, they even had some Bruins stuff in there. And, quite honestly, I’m not a fan of any of those teams, but it was good though.”

Although Ryan did not do any independent research to prepare for the role, the Jets coach said he didn’t realize the commitment involved acting in a movie.

“You’re just assuming that when you go in, you do your lines and you’re outta there in like 30 minutes,” Ryan said. “Poof, that was wrong. They did take after take after take. I was sitting back and I had rehearsed my lines and when Adam Sandler would improvise and I’d be like waiting and going, ‘Uh, aren’t you supposed to say this?’ But it was a lot of fun.

“I actually did prepare, now, especially the day before,” Ryan said. “I was studying those lines and I didn’t want to mess up.”

Asked if he attempted to do his lines in a Boston accent, Ryan gushed, “No! No chance. No chance of that. That would’ve been the worst. I did not overact, I don’t think. That would’ve been the worst thing you could do.”


Ryan said he did not draw any acting inspiration from Belichick’s cameo in the TV series “Rescue Me.”

“Maybe Jim Brown in ‘The Dirty Dozen,’ ” Ryan said. “I thought he was tremendous.”

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